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Joe is the owner of Ultimo Gifts and a guy who I exchanged ideas with in the last few months. I am really impressed with his unique cards and dedication. You can find him on Twitter, Instagram and his website

When we lose someone special to us, there are lots of thoughts and emotions running through our minds. One of those thoughts is probably along the lines of, how can we possibly explain who someone was when there was so much depth and so much they added to our lives? 

It’s extremely difficult. But we can try to capture the essence of someone through shared stories, memories, photos, and their belongings, even though it will never be a complete picture. You don’t want to categorize someone too generally, but that is the best way to convey who someone was to another person who may not have known them as well. Humans are incredible at categorizing and those categories help to paint a picture.

Another way we can try to capture this “essence” is through something special or unique or meaningful. Something that could be a more constant reminder than having to bring out the photo albums and reminisce. Something that is just there and becomes part of your routine. For me, it’s a letter my dad wrote me when he knew he was dying that I keep close almost all the time. This letter is what inspired me to start Ultimo Gifts. 

There are other ways, for sure. A piece of clothing like a necktie or a hat. A piece of jewelry or watch. One way I have learned about through talking with Dom at Aesthetic Urns is, exactly what you would expect someone from an urn shop to say: an urn. Urns have come a long way in the past couple decades and are now more than just a mantelpiece. They are meaningful décor and come in so many varieties that you are almost assuredly going to find one that reminds you of who the deceased was as a person.

How do you remember your loved ones?

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