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Adult Cremation Urn Red Moon

CODE: M400

Original price was: £82.99.Current price is: £77.99.

CODE: M400
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Original price was: £82.99.Current price is: £77.99.

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The described adult cremation urn red moon is an elegant and thoughtfully designed piece. It features a sleek, black finish that exudes a sense of sophistication and solemnity. The urn is topped with a secure screw opening, ensuring that the contents are safely contained. A striking red moon is depicted on the urn, blending seamlessly into the tree’s crown. This artistic element creates a vivid and evocative scene, with the moon‘s glow enhancing the tree’s intricate details. Next to the tree, two tiny rabbits are delicately illustrated, adding a touch of whimsy and tranquility to the overall design. These features come together to form a beautiful and meaningful tribute.

This urn is suitable for the remains of one adult and comes with a velvet bag. This Urn features secure top screw opening.

Adult Cremation Urn Red Moon

Material –  Metal

Finish –  Black with a striking Red Moon.

Size  –   7” x  10.6″

18cm x 27cm

Approx. capacity 3.o litres , 205cubic inches

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