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Designer Cremation Urn White Vase

CODE: M380-1


CODE: M380-1
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This elegant designer cremation urn white is beautifully painted in a pristine white enamel, offering a timeless and sophisticated appearance. The urn features a delicate metal ring adorned with intricately carved flowers and leaves, adding a touch of refined artistry to its design.

With a classical vase shape, it balances traditional aesthetics with exquisite detailing. The urn is equipped with a secure top screw opening, ensuring the ashes are safely contained. Its detailed craftsmanship and graceful look make it a fitting and dignified tribute.

This cremation urn can be lowered to the ground or kept inside the house or Columbarium.

Designer cremation urn white is suitable for the remains of one adult.

Material –  Aluminium

Finish –  White &Silver with carved flowers

18cm x 27cm

Approx. capacity 3.7 litres , 225.7 cubic inches

Free delivery in the UK only. International buyers are responsible for any applicable import duties or restrictions

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