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Exclusive Urns

Our designs cremation urns, exclusively crafted for our shop, represent the pinnacle of artistry and reverence in memorialisation. Each urn in our exclusive collection is meticulously designed and handcrafted by our team of skilled artisans, ensuring that every detail reflects our commitment to quality and uniqueness

With our exclusive designs cremation urns, you can trust that you are receiving a one-of-a-kind memorial piece that honors your loved one’s life with beauty, dignity, and reverence.

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Heart in Hands Cremation Urn Blue

Original price was: £149.99.Current price is: £135.99.

Human Bird Solid Oak Cremation Urn


Pyramid Ashes Urn Candle Holder


Pyramid Thinker Cremation Urn Black Marble


Pyramid Thinker Cremation Urn Purple Maze


Pyramid Thinker Cremation Urn Rusty Red


Pyramid Thinker Cremation Urn Triangles


Pyramid Thinker Cremation Urn White Marble


Solid Oak Cremation Urn Feather


Stainless Steel Cremation Urn Shiny Gold


Stainless Steel Cremation Urn Silver


Thinker Cremation Ashes Urn Gloss White


Thinker Cremation Urn Black Silver


Thinker Gold Cremation Ashes Urn Gloss Black


Weeping Angel Adult Urn for Ashes Solid Oak


Weeping Angel Cremation Ashes Urn White Stain Gold