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Full Gloss Cremation Casket in Dark Brown with Amber Rose



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 Full Gloss Cremation Casket in Dark Brown with Amber Rose is our unique Urn. The high gloss finish reflects all the natural beauty of wood, the lustre of which looks particularly beautiful by candlelight.   The sturdy, oblong shape allows you to safely place the casket on a shelf or mantelpiece at home. The Urn is adorned by a brooch.

Please note, as each of our urns and caskets are individually handcrafted, there may be slight variations in colour and finish.

Urn  in black with pearl brooch, mahogany urn with steel rose and brown urn with amber rose. Our urns are available in three colours with a choice of three different brooches.

Material – Wood, metal

Finish –  brown

decoration – amber rose

Size –  20cm(W) x 20cm(H) x 30cm(L)

Size – 11.8″(W) x 7.9″(H) x 7.9″(L)

Approx.  capacity – 335 cubic inches, 5.5 litres


Free delivery in the UK only.

International buyers are responsible for any applicable import duties or restrictions.

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